The Novel.

Like the King James Bible, Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs is a wedge of enthralling made up shit.

Hull, 1998. Ginger is an unemployed eighteen-year-old determined to break free from the monotony of life on the dole; living with indifferent parents; and the ever elusive achievement of girlfriend. His life is turned upside-down by the chance acquisition of a gold ring. Unaware of its provenance, possession of the ring pushes Ginger into a world of violence and tinpot crime. He is betrayed by his best-friend and revealed to local villains desperate to reclaim their property. Forced into a seedy world, Ginger’s only help comes from a chance encounter with a middle-class 'daddy's girl', hitching a ride for a little excitement. Her drive and stroppiness propels them into deeper trouble, while also revealing her own questionable past. With their lives at risk, the two of them hatch a plan, daring to play the criminals at their own game. The result is a journey of theft, kidnap and bad sex; of which Ginger’s self-discovery struggles to save them both and himself from his old life

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Just buy the fucking thing.

— Boris Yeltsin
Arthur Grimestead

The Music.


Like reckless abandon to illegitimate pregnancy, these sounds are inextricably linked to the novel. Unless you¹ don’t read the novel. In which case they’re simply songs.

¹Fuck you

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Give your tympanic membrane a slap across the face. You slag.

— Marie Curie
The Music.